LEGO Serious Play in Perth

Hi! I’m Joel Birch!

I help leaders bring out the best in their people by being playful with the important ideas that drive their work so they can have better conversations about bigger ideas. I do this using LEGO Serious Play here in Perth, across Western Australia, and into Southeast Asia.

As a Certified Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play, I help bring everyone into the conversation. We uncover the group’s collective intelligence, surface the ideas that need to emerge, and find their right place in the mix. I

The process is deeply collaborative, so it generates great team cohesion. Thinking with your hands brings out everyone’s creative best. Approaching big ideas through play brings it all together, creating the conditions for really powerful communication, and incredible insights.

My work with LEGO Serious Play is great at overcoming the shortcomings of conventional meetings and workshops, and excels at opening up the full range of perspective and creative expertise in your organisation.

Especially when your people insist that they’re not creative.

Is “acting professional” getting in the way of your team doing their best work?

You know you’ve got an organisation full of smart people. The solutions to your challenges are in the room. The big question is are the conventional ways of accessing their brilliance actually working the way you want them to?

We can use LEGO Serious Play to help you get that collective genius out of heads, and on to the table where they can be played with and improved upon.

Think about your average meeting or team day, do these sound familiar?

We can do better.

Don’t just work on the important things, play with them. LEGO Serious Play them.

We can use LEGO Serious Play to help everyone on your team communicate their ideas effectively, forge powerful connections between them, and build understanding and solutions that are more powerful than the sum of their parts.

While the grownups are still talking, we’ll be hard at play.

(yes, I mean LEGO Serious Play.)

LEGO Serious Play is hands-on and all-in. It works best when everyone involved in the topic at hand is on hand, thinking with their hands. It is incredibly powerful facing a complex topic of conversation with more than one “right answer” that needs everyone’s minds in the mix. Each workshop is custom designed to take your conversation where it needs to go to meet the outcomes you want to achieve.

It empowers your team to do bigger, more authentic work by doing these things:

What can we use it for?

LEGO Serious Play is an incredibly flexible process that can be applied to a huge range of challenges. It excels in the face of a complex topic with no single “right answer,” and when you want absolutely everyone’s input, even over conventional barriers to communication.

Here’s a few broad examples, but you’ve probably got a more interesting one.

How Does it Work?

To get the best ideas flowing in your team, you can do better than talk and sticky notes. Using LEGO bricks as the common language for creative expression, I can help the people in your organisation embrace complexity, communicate powerfully, and awaken their latent creativity. LEGO Serious Play is a powerful method for harnessing the full range of expertise, creativity and perspectives in your organisation to solve complex problems.

It’s also great fun, highly engaging, and an amazing way to bring people together.

You’ve got an organisation full of smart people. You already know that. The solutions to your challenges are in the room. We can use the LEGO Serious Play method to get those ideas out of individual heads, and on to the table where they can be tested, improved upon, and played with. The LEGO bricks are the medium for creative expression, a common language across backgrounds and perspectives. Participants build their ideas and express them through telling stories. The LEGO Serious Play process then helps to bring those ideas and stories together into creative ways forward.

Curious about how LEGO Serious Play might work for you?

Joel Birch
Joel BirchLEGO Serious Play Facilitator

Joel Birch is an experienced learning designer, facilitator, and conscientious objector to ever fully growing up.

As a Certified Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play in Perth, Joel uses the power of play, stories, and thinking with our hands to solve problems to help individuals, teams, and whole organisations to leave their “outer grownup” at the door – letting the instincts and insight of their inner child do the important work.

Building on a successful career using constructivist and constructionist learning to enable and develop the creativity of children and their teachers in schools in Perth and overseas, he now works across a wide range of industries, with groups ranging from youth to senior leadership.

“The energy in the room was electric. What an interesting way to engage people in bigger picture thinking, sharing and collaboration. Joel’s facilitation sparked so much creativity.”

April Conway • Coordinator of Inclusion & Engagement, Family Support WA

Joel is a natural facilitator – he uses LEGO Serious Play to draw out topics and ideas that may otherwise have gone unspoken. When working in close knit teams, we can become too caught up in our usual ways of thinking. The use of LEGO levels the field of conversation to give everyone a chance to contribute.

Jeremy Hurst • Founder, SpacetoCo

“We could not have had this conversation in any other way.”

Greg Millen • CEO, Wave International

These organisations have used LEGO Serious Play in Perth to do some Very Serious Business through play: 

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Get in touch, and I’ll show you how powerful a LEGO Serious Play workshop can be for your team or organisation.

I’m based in Perth, but more than happy to demo online and hit the road to play.