LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Perth, Western Australia

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Learning through play is a big deal, right?

What about running playful meetings? Or better yet, playful professional development? This year I’ve been working hard using the LEGO Serious Play methodology to run meetings and workshops that achieve more, and engage everybody by being playful.

I’d love to show you how powerful this method can be as a facilitation process, so I’m going use it to host a foundations and planning workshop for Project Based Learning. We’ll meet over pub lunch and a celebratory end-of-term drink at the Oxford Hotel in Leederville.

Places are going to be limited to 12, and it’ll work best if you bring along someone you work with.

The event website is only visible to members of Teachmeet WA on Facebook. If you’re an educator, but not a member of that group, send me an email to let me know how many seats we should save for you.

Looking forward to building with you!

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